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About Us

Geometric Steel Manufacture a complete range of structural C and Z purlins and girts for industrial buildings, garages, warehouse, and PEB in pan anywhere that strong reliable steel framing is required. Manufacture from quality galvanized steel, this is a fully integrated system allowing for flexible design options. Supplied plain or punched, galvanized purlins and manufacture from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight and a long serviceable life.

Best service Geometric steel offers the fastest service in town. Installation of new stat of the art machinery allows not only faster production time, but greater flexibility to meets your needs. A standard lead time is 8 to 10 working days if the said material in stock. For larger projects, some additional time may be required.

Installer friendly Geometric steels purlin is very fast and easy to install system with your installer in mind. As there are capsule type hole / punch with 24 mm dia this help installer to install purlin faster. Installation is eaiser and faster for the rigger who is operating well off the ground, often in windly and difficult conditions this will save both time and money.

Top quality Geometric steels purlin are crisp, clean and square and by any assessment are a quality product.There is no need to tolerance rounded corners, inaccurate lengths, or out of square purlins any more. Insist on quality Geometric steels purlins for your project

Our Products

Geometric Steels Manufacture a complete range of ‘C’, ‘Z’, ‘U’, ‘L’ and Hat section. Purlin and Girts for wide range of application upto 3 mm thickness. Made from quality high tensile galvanize CR & HR Steel.Geometric Steels Purlin and Girts can be supplied plain or punched. This is full Integrated system allowing for flexible design option. Geometric Steels purlin are manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight and long service life. 


C Purlins are available in different sizes and material strength (Eg, 240 Mpa and 350 Mpa) to match the design computations of your building. 


Z purlins are ideal products that provide long spans between portal frame on your Industrial building. Z are available in different size and material strength to match the design specification of your building.


the Hat Section is composed of two outward flanges (the brim), plus two vertical dimensions (the sides of the hat).


U section are extensively used for polyhouse and other special application. This section are manufactured in state of art plant located at kurkumbh in 1.00 mm to 3.00 mm thickness, as per requirement of the customer  


The thickness  and height of the purlin selected depends on span length and load for pre engineered building. 



Gutter system is one of the most crucial part of industrial roofing. If not done correctly in the first go. It will be permenent headche for maintaince. Rooflab Infra provides a variety of gutter system as per requirement.

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