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C Purlins are available in different sizes and material strength (Eg, 240 Mpa and 350 Mpa) to match the design computations of your building. 

purlins are perpendicular structural support member in slope of roof and cladding placed on principle rafter. These roof purlins are extensively used in large sized infrastructure project, factory, Godowns. 

C purlins are made from GI / CR / HR / GP / Quality Steel and is roll formed to required length with factory made punching to your specifications and requirement.


Features of Purlins :

1) As per Required Length.

2) High tensile Strength.

3) Easy Installation.

4) Corrosion Resistance.

Advantages of Purlins :

1) Ability to span length.

2) No site drilling/ cutting required.

3) Assured dimention & strength.

4) Low transport cost due to decreased weight


  • Shape
  • Material
  • Length
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Position
  • C Purlin
  • 1 to 13 MM
  • Natural
  • Geometricsteels
  • Industrial
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